Electricity pricing is complex. The web of policies and regulations means effective cost control strategies aren’t intuitive.


For most organizations, electricity costs are the biggest part of their utility budget. Beyond efficiency efforts and reducing waste, options to control electricity costs require careful evaluation.

JUPITER’s experienced professionals have been helping industrial, commercial and institutional clients since the start of the deregulated electricity market in Ontario - and keeping them out of poor contracts. The result – tens of millions of dollars saved.

JUPITER has deep insight into the impact of the regulatory environment on rates and market players and we apply that knowledge to help you manage the cost of supply.

Our expertise for electricity cost management includes procurement strategies, load displacement generation, battery storage and demand management.

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  • Market analysis, including long-term cost modeling
  • Regulatory surveillance
  • Risk tolerance and risk management strategy
  • Budgeting, forecasting and planning
  • Global Adjustment Class A/Class B analysis
  • Preferred electricity supply mechanism advice
  • Supplier selection and contracting support
  • Rate class optimization
  • Electricity cost tracking and usage reporting
  • Load displacement generation
  • Battery storage evaluation
  • Renewables strategy