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Current openings

Gas Operations and Market Analyst

As the Gas Operations and Market Analyst you will play a pivotal role ensuring that the energy needs of Canada’s largest and most prestigious companies and institutions are expertly managed. This position is responsible for managing the supply of gas to Jupiter’s natural gas clients to meet their daily needs and various contractual obligations. The job involves buying and selling gas, scheduling deliveries with suppliers, pipelines and utilities, and tracking and reporting on gas usage and costs.

The role requires interaction with a variety of clients and industry contacts on a regular basis, and demands a high degree of professionalism, time management skills, careful attention to detail, and sound decision-making. The Analyst is responsible for regularly reporting on clients’ settlements, transactions, costs, imbalances and consumption of their natural gas portfolios and conducting day-to-day natural gas supply operations. While autonomous decision making is required, the Analyst consistently and reliably coordinates with Consultants, other Analysts and Jupiter team members.


  • Perform transactions for natural gas on behalf of clients
  • Execute nominations to suppliers, pipelines and utilities
  • Monitor and alert clients and consultants to changes in market or operating conditions that could affect client supply options or costs
  • Review natural gas supply and demand for clients on daily, weekly, or monthly basis
  • Identify anomalies and act as necessary to maintain client accounts within tolerance
  • Prepare monthly energy settlement and cost reports to meet client requirements
  • Assist clients in the preparation of utility and pipeline contracts
  • Support the verification of supplier and utility transactions and invoices
  • Support other staff members during absences or vacation, as necessary
  • Aid in response to ad hoc client requests, as required
  • Provide on-call and back-up support (on a rotating basis) to ensure scheduling coverage on evenings/weekends
  • Other duties as required


  • Post-secondary diploma or degree, preferably in a business, mathematics, science or accounting discipline
  • Good numeracy skills, including proficiency with MS Excel (including formulas, pivot tables, debugging and auditing spreadsheets)
  • Able to prioritize, pay attention to detail, and demonstrate strong organizational skills
  • Able verbally, and in writing, to communicate effectively and maintain courteous and professional relationships with internal and external stakeholders
  • Able to work successfully in a team environment (which can be fast-paced with multiple deadlines) to achieve results with accuracy
  • Experience with VBA, M or business intelligence software (e.g. Power BI, Tableau) is an asset
  • Working proficiency in French is an asset
  • Knowledge of, or experience in, the natural gas or electricity markets an asset

We are always looking for passionate individuals who love doing great work with talented people and are eager to be constantly learning and evolving.

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