John provides clients with clear insights into complex issues in energy procurement and price risk management. He has experience in virtually every step of the energy supply value chain from work in the energy utility sector, gas supply contracting and marketing, and natural gas storage. He has consulted for industrial consumers, commercial buyers and a broad variety of public sector institutions and agencies, and has given expert testimony in regulatory, civil and commercial arbitration proceedings.

John has a certificate in Enterprise Risk Management, and a Chartered Director designation from The Directors College.

Principal, President and CEO

Scott is responsible for the overall leadership, vision and company direction and remains directly involved with clients. He has extensive knowledge and expertise in the field of energy commodity procurement, cultivated through his experience in senior positions in the utility and energy consulting sectors. Scott's experience also encompasses power generation, transportation, distribution, regulatory, and commercial energy contracting. He has influenced public policies, helped guide market rule development, amended market regulations and continues to provide expert support to clients’ executives, Boards and municipal councils.

Director, Strategic Energy Solutions

Noel brings his in-depth knowledge and expertise in energy and water conservation, renewable energy and sustainability management to his advisory role with clients. He has extensive consulting experience in the energy sector working with organizations and building owners and managers to reduce energy and water consumption in their portfolios. Noel has developed and managed a wide range of programs and tools for public and private sector clients including municipalities, hospitals, schools, social housing and residential. He has consulted for commercial and multi-residential property owners and all three levels of government.

Director, Regulatory Affairs and Government Relations

Val provides regulatory monitoring services and identifies issues of significance to clients, managing their participation in interventions and consultative processes when warranted. She has a comprehensive background in natural gas pipeline and utility regulation as well as strategic planning and market analysis. In addition to having a thorough understanding of the regulatory process, Val has been directly involved in the research of current and emerging issues facing regulated companies and their stakeholders.

Senior Consultant

Leanne assists clients in meeting their natural gas procurement and delivery needs, identifying opportunities to reduce risk and lower energy costs. She provides clients with transportation, delivery, storage, balancing, budgeting and reporting services. Leanne has utility sector experience in internal audit, regulatory affairs, storage and transportation sales, and strategic project management. She also has a solid background in client account management in the MUSH, commercial, industrial, manufacturing and agricultural sectors.

Senior Consultant

Sylvie assists natural gas clients to develop their energy procurement objectives and to implement strategies appropriate to their tolerance for risk. She advises clients on matters that affect their energy supply costs and buying decisions such as price behavior and supplier selection. Sylvie has extensive experience in managing day-to-day gas supply operations, utility distribution and transportation asset optimization, storage management and transaction execution. Sylvie has developed and implemented business practices and reporting methods to ensure efficient, reliable and accurate operations and settlement processes and reporting to meet client information needs.

Sylvie has a business administration diploma and is fluent in English and French.

Manager, Energy Markets

Peter is responsible for energy market analysis, energy risk management strategy, and energy transaction support. He provides ongoing surveillance of gas and power market conditions and provides weekly and monthly market analyses and commentary to clients. Peter has experience in the investment banking and financial services sector where his liaison role with the money market sales desk required skills in timely analysis in order to ensure proper funding, hedging, and investment decisions.

Peter has a Derivatives Market Specialist designation. He is fluent in English and French, and conversant in several other languages.

Senior Consultant

Michael provides power clients in Alberta and Ontario with the technical analysis and market insights to assist them in making optimal energy procurement decisions. He has extensive experience in all facets of electricity management including energy profiling, cost optimization modeling, budgeting, client portfolio and risk management, settlement and verification, and contract management. Michael also has administered and managed natural gas contracts, including financial accounting for pipeline, distribution and storage costs. Michael has worked exclusively in the agency market representing end use consumers and collective consumer groups.

Senior Advisor

Marcia is an expert resource on matters related to energy supplier contracting and energy markets. She has expertise in natural gas supplier agreements, supplier transactions, utility relations and Agency Billing Collection and Transportation (ABC-T) account management. She has a comprehensive background in the wholesale natural gas marketing sector with involvement in operations from both the supply and marketing perspectives. Marcia has experience in natural gas contracting, regulatory monitoring and intervention, retail aggregation and energy management. She has provided business development, portfolio management and natural gas operations services to aggregators, large industrial, commercial and retail customers.

Senior Advisor

Frank is an expert resource for clients and our staff on matters related to the operation of the energy market including the development and implementation of energy procurement strategies. He has expertise in the upstream gas supply and transportation market and in gas supply planning, gas acquisition, risk management, asset optimization, gas supply operations, and the development of strategies and policies related to gas supply and associated regulatory issues. Frank has testified before the National Energy Board and the Ontario Energy Board on gas supply and transportation facilities issues.

Frank has completed the Queen’s University Executive Program.

Senior Advisor

Bob is an expert resource on matters related to energy markets, and their fundamental economic and financial market influences. Bob brings extensive energy experience and insight on matters related to market demand, supply, transportation and price forecasting and their regulatory impact. He has held senior positions in the energy agency and consulting sectors. Bob pioneered natural gas direct purchases in Ontario. He also designed and developed an energy and utility computer system to track and monitor natural gas direct purchases and manage client accounting and reporting for end-use locations. Using his expertise in productivity improvement, Bob developed and implemented a customer utility invoice payment system. He has participated in several energy board natural gas market reviews and has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences.