Energy Strategy

To make meaningful change in energy management, you must think strategically.


JUPITER helps to engage senior leadership, and develop a path to meaningful change in your organization.

Whether your energy goals focus on cost reduction, energy efficiency, or decarbonization, JUPITER provides the insights and analysis that will engage senior leadership and support your pathway to achieving meaningful change.

We start with data. We use performance information combined with details of your current resources and programs to guide strategy, priorities and next steps.

Our focus is on organization-wide commitment to drive meaningful change and the staying power to succeed in the long run.

We help you to build engagement at the senior level, to establish awareness and realistic expectations for achieving your energy efficiency and GHG reduction goals, within the real-world constraints of operating costs, availability of capital, emerging technologies and ever-changing policies and regulations.

  • Energy management optimization: policy, organizational alignment, integration with sustainability practices, target setting, management engagement
  • Energy transition: decarbonization, electrification planning and cost analysis
  • Planning assumptions and frameworks, such as long-term price outlooks for electricity, natural gas and carbon
  • Distributed Energy Resources (DER) and technologies: business case development for self-generation or battery storage projects
  • Strategies, vendor evaluation and commercial support for renewables procurement
  • Building energy performance data collection, analysis, benchmarking, monitoring and reporting
  • Energy efficiency best practices: impacting policy, occupant behaviour, operations and capital retrofit projects